Post Construction Cleaning In New York City

Post-Construction Cleaning is another excellent service offered by Topnotch cleaning services in locations such as Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island. Our experienced team is Newyork city’s most reliable and sought-after cleaning service. Renovation or post construction cleaning service is one of the frequent jobs our team members are committed to. Not only do we offer the most reasonable pricing in the town but our team delivers quality and time-efficient services too. Our dedicated team works from every angle on removing the dust from each nook and cranny, resulting in full customer satisfaction. To minimize construction and drywall dust and maximize cleanliness, we pay attention to the fine details such as trims, horizontal edges, baseboards, light fixtures, and much more.

Our post-construction cleaning services include:-

  • Cleaning all high & low surfaces,
  • fixtures and fittings, and hard flooring to remove dust, dirt, debris, and any remaining building materials
  • Removal of labels, tape, coverings, paint splatter, and adhesive.
  • Clean internal windows, vision panels, mirrors, and glazing.
  • Wipe and clean door frames and skirting boards.
  • Clean and disinfect all kitchen and bathroom.
  • Clean all cupboards inside and out.
  • Clean all communal areas and stairwells.
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Professional Topnotch Cleaning Services allow you to have maximum time dedicated for other work, a reasonable amount of money spent in the process and saved energy while maximizing safety on site of renovation and construction. Post-Construction Cleaning work is necessary to not only remove dirt, debris, and waste but also give the space the finishing touch. The end result of your project ultimately shines more after the cleaning has been done.

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